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Principal's Message

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At Mayflower Primary School, we believe that the purpose of education is to prepare every child for the real world. Besides building a strong foundation for literacy and numeracy in our pupils, we equip them with life skills and competencies for them to function as effective individuals of the society. We provide a breadth and depth of educational experiences to help our learners discover the world around them and view it through multiple perspectives. This process of exploration also allows our pupils to look beyond themselves and realise that they are part of a larger community in which they can play an active role to positively impact and influence it.

Success goes beyond academic achievements as we help our pupils pursue their dreams by capitalising on their strengths, interests and talents. We strive to engage each child to discover what makes school and learning worth their time, energy and effort, thereby inspiring them to take greater ownership of their learning.

A learner is motivated to excel when there are clear, high expectations set and high levels of support provided. Setting high standards serves to keep learners engaged in a challenging task. It also enhances their confidence and self-esteem when the goals are achieved. High expectations should be accompanied by high levels of support so as to minimise frustration and abortion of plans due to early failures. Some ways in which we provide high levels of support for our pupils include scaffolding learning instruction, adjusting teaching to meet the needs of learners, counselling students, providing additional help or coaching to those who need it, or just simply by believing in their abilities to achieve. 

Teachers are key to effective pupil learning. We are committed to building a team of caring and excellent educators who believe in bringing out the best in each child. We place premium on establishing quality teacher-student relationships, thereby creating a safe, conducive and vibrant environment for learning. Our teachers are role models of lifelong learning who continually re-examine their professional practice and keep abreast of educational trends and development. 
Nurturing the whole child is a shared responsibility between the school and family. We look forward to the continued support and partnership of the home, an important and essential stakeholder, in this venture. 
I wish all of you a purposeful and fulfilling year.

Yours in service,
Mrs Lim-Chua Siow Ling