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Achievements 2007

Sustained Achievement Award (Aesthetics, 2007)

Sustained Achievement Award (SAA) is one of the two second level of achievement awards, as proposed in the Masterplan of Awards, given to schools to recognise niches of excellence in the Result category of School Excellence Model (SEM). It is an award based on past sustained achievement in various Result categories. The SAA is intended to give recognition to niches of excellence in schools based on a trend of good performance in a category.

The selection of schools for a category in a particular year will be based on sustained results in that category for the past 3 consecutive years.

The school is proud to receive the SAA for Aesthetics in 2007. 

National Arts in Education Award (Bronze, 2007)

The NAE Award is a national arts award for schools in Singapore. The National Arts Council (NAC) presents this Award annually to
  • recognise schools that provide opportunities for all students to be involved and show excellence in the arts;
  • encourage and reward schools with good arts practices and programmes.

The NAE Award Criteria is based on the Arts Education Evaluation Framework, developed by the Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education (MOE).