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Cultural Trip to Malacca

On 1st  to 2nd April 2015, a group of 114 P5 pupils went on a cultural trip to Malacca, Malaysia. 

The trip aims to give pupils an opportunity to be exposed to and understand more about a different culture and environment. This experience will also help towards preparing them for the challenges of a globalised world. 

In Malacca, pupils visited The Stadhuys, St Paul’s Church, Jonker Street and the famous Peranakan Museum where the popular Channel 8 drama serial “Little Nonya” was shot. A one-night stay at the Hatten Hotel Malacca was a unique experience for many who have never stayed on their own prior to this trip. 

On the 2 nd day, pupils went for a local school visit to SJK Haji Manan Tamil School in Kluang, Johor. Our pupils went to observe lessons in the classrooms and participated in Telematch with the local pupils. They also made kolam , a traditional Indian artwork. 

It was an enriching experience for all. One which the pupils will never forget! 

Pupils’ Reflection

“I learnt that in olden days, it was considered late for a Nyonya to be unmarried at 20 years old. It is so different from now.” - Shannon Wong (5B) 

“On this trip, I’ve learnt to respect cultures of other people and to respect our friends. I’ve also learnt the need to depend on one another during the trip.” - Celeste Liau (5A) 

“I’ve learnt to help one another during the trip. I enjoyed helping my group members to scoop the rice and dishes during mealtimes.” - Erica Ong (5B)