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Public information on Application into Mayflower Primary School

From 2018, Mayflower Primary School (MFPS) will offer specialised educational supports as a designated mainstream primary school for students with hearing loss who sign. These supports are targeted for students with bilateral moderate to profound hearing loss who require instruction in sign language to access the national curriculum. 

A referral by the Department of Child Development (DCD) of KK’s Women and Children’s Hospital (KKH), or Child Development Unit (CDU) of NUH is required for application to MFPS. If your child is currently being seen at KKH or NUH, the hospital will provide educational placement advice to parents with children approaching primary school age.  Enrolment into MFPS may be considered based on their professional evaluation of your child’s suitability for specialised supports at MFPS.

If you think that your child may require this provision but your child is not currently or actively being seen at either hospital, parents will still need to obtain a referral from KKH or NUH.  As the referral process may require various assessments to determine the child’s suitability for specialised supports at MFPS, parents are advised to take this step early, preferably when the child is in K1. Parents can access the developmental services at KKH or NUH by obtaining a referral from any polyclinic/family doctor/GP, or by calling KKH or NUH directly.

Parents will be notified by MOE regarding the outcome of their child’s application to MFPS by 31 May. Successful applicants will be enrolled into MFPS for admission to P1. 

For more information, you may email the Special Education Branch, Education Services Division, Ministry of Education, at moe_seb@moe.gov.sg.