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The school recognises that building meaningful and sustained partnerships with key stakeholders is important and critical to expanding school capacity to provide quality holistic education for its students. We believe that effective partnerships are built on quality relationships anchored on values alignment, mutual trust, and respect.

Partnership Framework

Building on Trust, Partnering as One

In line with the school’s Partnership Framework, the school adopts 3 principles in building key partnerships: 

∗ Promoting a Collaborative Climate 
∗ Setting up Purposeful Collaboration 
∗ Ensuring Sustainability

These are undergirded by the school’s vision and mission which emphasises the common goal of providing greater opportunities for the holistic development of students to maximise their fullest potential across the different domains. 

The school works closely with strategic partners from other educational organisations, working in tandem with parents and leveraging on the communities’ expertise. We also work with our partners to create platforms to enable the staff and students to contribute actively to those in their community and in the wider society.