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MFPS Alumni

Mayflower Primary School’s Alumni was formed with the goal of reaching out to and engaging all MFPS alumni to foster valuable relationships and interaction among themselves and to promote a true spirit of loyalty by supporting the school in its programmes.

Our Class of 1979 ~ MFPS’ First Cohort 

Our 1979 alumni contributed to the school for our 40th anniversary celebrations by giving a one-time bursary to our students from modest backgrounds who have made significant improvement in their schoolwork in the year 2019 and demonstrated positive learning attitudes and dispositions. This award was named in honour of their Mathematics teacher, Mr Low Kim Suan.


Our Alumni members with Mr Low Kim Suan presenting the bursary award to our student during our 41st Award Presentation and Partners’ Appreciation Ceremony.


Annual Events Held

Annual Meeting 

Meeting with all MFPS Alumni members at the start of the year, to get to know each other and to discuss their involvement and contributions for upcoming events organised by school.


Bonding session to integrate the old and new alumnus, getting everyone to work together and hone their leadership skills and teamwork through fun and games. 

Talks for Primary 6 students

To help students manage change from primary to secondary school, alumni members share personal stories on how they coped with the transition and overcame the challenges faced. They provide tips on how to integrate into the new environment and skills that are needed to pursue one’s interests. This sharing is conducted annually during the Education Fair for the Primary 5 and 6 students.

Teachers’ Day

The alumni has been involved in the Teachers' Day festivities, from making custom keychain to making appreciation videos.

School Events

The alumni has been involved in school events such as


  • Teachers’ Day Celebration – made handmade gifts and appreciation videos for teachers 
  • School move to holding site
  • 40th Anniversary Fabric Art Making 
  • Fun(d)fair - help raise funds through setting up booths 

To be part of our Alumni team, please register using this link: https://tinyurl.com/MFPS-Alumni

Our Alumni EXCO Team and their sharing…

Sim Wen Hao (Dyon), Class of 2006

I'm currently in the final year of my university studies, taking a degree in Business and Management in SIM-RMIT. Asides from studies, I am also working as a freelance outdoor associate with Camp High Achievers and Better Trails. The role of being an outdoor associate is demanding as I have to deliver program ideas on time, be determined to deliver results according to the client's expectations and be flexible to adapt to sudden changes. Aside from being demanding and tiring, the outdoors is also a rewarding environment that allows me to guide students, build their self-confidence levels, team-building skills and also teach them the importance of sustaining the environment. 

Once in a while, the company would assign me projects which would require me to run operations for them. Over the past 3 years, I have been able to plan and execute large-scale events for organizations, all of which helped me gain abilities and experience I can use when giving back to MFPS as an adviser, helping the executive committee plan events.

Ching Wai Lum, Class of 2013

My name is Ching Wai Lum and I’m the alumni’s adviser for the junior team. I’m currently studying for my final year Diploma in Environment Design. In my course I learn how to integrate the built forms with the landscaping so that we can bring back the green into our daily lives even though we live in concrete slabs. 

As an adviser, we help the chairman and the team follow up with projects discussed with the school. Initiative and time management is important in this role as we’re often faced with deadlines and assignments/projects from school.

Ou Wen, Class of 2012

I’m in Singapore Polytechnic studying Music and Audio Technology. I’m currently pursuing a course to be a music producer and audio engineer. In September 2020 I’ll be flying to Taiwan as an intern to work with the Artist Qiu Feng Ze. 

The qualities needed is definitely hard work without fail as I have been practising my music work every day without fail for the past 2 years and I do not waste any opportunity to better myself. Hence I put the qualities I have obtained into my work as an adviser, to help the EXCO team make better decisions.

Seow Rui Xuan, Class of 2013

My name is Seow Rui Xuan and I am this year's Chairperson for the MFPS Alumni team. Currently I am waiting to go to University where I will be starting my first year in SIM-UOL for Computing and Information Systems. 

For the past 6 years, I have been actively involved in leadership positions in my Secondary School and JC. These past few years I have honed my leadership skills and improved myself to become more responsible, intuitive and better at communicating with my peers - skills which are needed in my role as the Chairperson facilitating alumni activities and to be the bridge between the School and the Alumnus. I also have to make sure that we uphold the school values even after we have graduated. I look forward to working with the MFPS Alumni and the executive committee as the Chairperson in the coming years.

EXCO Members: 

  Elaine Foo (Class of 2016), Liu Runlin (Class of 2012) and Sam Nicole Elizabeth (Class of 2015)