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Singapore Arts Museum

Museum-Based Learning at the Singapore Art Museum (MBL@SAM) is a milestone learning experience designed for all primary 4 students. This partnership, initiated in 2013, encourages students to engage with the contemporary artworks displayed in the SAM Learning Galleries. The artworks serve as sensory stimuli to extend their learning in the Visual Arts, English Language, and Social Studies. This pedagogical approach provides a richer learning experience for students in connecting essential understanding and ideas across different subject disciplines.

Through this programme, we hope to develop our students into self-directed learners who are responsible, resilient, and collaborative team players. Using authentic learning activities, students learn to co-create, share, and build knowledge with teachers and peers. They will also gain the skills and knowledge to communicate more effectively with an audience through various art forms and media. In addition, we aim to inculcate good values and character in our students, guiding them to become concerned and gracious citizens who are grounded in Singapore yet outward looking with a curiosity for global affairs. 


Impressive installation of students’ sketches which offers the audience a glimpse of everyday life in Singapore.