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School Management Committee

School Leaders


 Ms Cecilia Lim

 Email: mayflower_ps@moe.edu.sg

 Vice-principal (EO) Mrs Winefrede Loo
 Email: mayflower_ps@moe.edu.sg
 Vice-principal (EO) Mrs Chow - Kong Yuit Chan, Noelle
 Email: mayflower_ps@moe.edu.sg
 Vice-principal (Admin) Mr Kwok Keng Lian
 Email: mayflower_ps@moe.edu.sg

Head of Departments


 Miss Wong Shilei Charmaine [HOD EL (Internal)] 
 Email: wong_shilei_charmaine@moe.edu.sg


 Mdm Ang Chieh Sin Jaselin
 Email: ang_chieh_sin_jaselin@moe.edu.sg

 Mother Tongue  Languages

 Ms Ng Yein Leng
 Email: ng_yein_leng@moe.edu.sg

 PAM and CCA                  

 Mr Sebastian Lau Kian Yong

 Email: sebastian_lau_kian_yong@moe.edu.sg

 Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)

 Mdm Chua Yulin Eileen
 Email: chua_yulin_eileen@moe.edu.sg

 School Staff Developer

 Mdm Chen Yit Kai
 Email: chen_yit_kai@moe.edu.sg

Year Heads

  P1 to P2

 Mdm Lim Wen Chye Joey

 Email: lim_wen_chye@moe.edu.sg

 Mdm Vinlee Toh (Assistant Year Head)-Internal

 Email: vinlee_toh@moe.edu.sg

  P3 to P4 Mr Leong Wai Phang
 Email: leong_wai_phang@moe.edu.sg

 Mdm Chua Sok Huang (Assistant Year Head) 
 Email: chua_sok_huang@moe.edu.sg

  P5 to P6 Mdm Au Yard Wah 
 Email: au_yard_wah@moe.edu.sg

 Mdm Ashini Prasad (Assistant Year Head) - Internal
 Email: ashini_prasad@moe.edu.sg 

Subject Head & Level Heads

 Mdm Peh Kai Le (LH /English)
 Email: peh_kai_le@moe.edu.sg 
 Mrs Wong Puay Leng (LH /Mathematics
 Email: ang_puay_leng@moe.edu.sg 
 Mr Tang Kong Gin Benedict (SH /Mathematics
 Email: tang_kong_gin_benedict@moe.edu.sg
 Mr Cher Kiat Min Kelvin (LH /Science) -Internal
 Email: cher_kiat_min_kelvin@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Noor Aidah Bte Adam (SH /ML & TL)
 Email: noor_aidah_adam@moe.edu.sg
 Ms Nurhuda Housman (SH /CCE)
 Email: nurhuda_housman@moe.edu.sg 
 Mrs Seah -Amy Chua Jia Xi (SH /Student Management)
 Email: amy_chua_jia_xi@moe.edu.sg
 Mr Mohammad Shaifudin (SH /ICT
 Email: mohammad_shaifudin@moe.edu.sg
Mr Leong Jing Xiong Merrill (SH /PE & CCA) - Internal 
 Email: leong_jing_xiong_merrill@moe.edu.sg 

Lead Teacher & Senior Teachers 

 Mdm Yip Jee Cheng Jessie (LT/Mathematics )
 Email: yip_jee_cheng@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Nordiana Bte Sani  (ST /English)
 Email: nordiana_sani@moe.edu.sg 
 Miss Noor Dinah Bte Mohd Amin (ST/English)
 Email: noor_dinah_mohd_amin@moe.edu.sg
 Ms Yong Choon Sia (ST/Chinese
 Email: yong_choon_sia@moe.edu.sg
 Mrs Alagathal Ramathas (ST/Tamil
 Email: alagathal_arumugam@moe.edu.sg
 Mdm Idma Hanita (ST/Science)
 Email: idma_hanita_mohamed@moe.edu.sg 
 Mdm Catherine Low Yoke Peng (ST/Special Educational Needs
 Email: catherine_koh@moe.edu.sg
 Mr. Alphonsus Mahimy Gerard (ST/Physical Education)
 Email: alphonsus_mahimy@moe.edu.sg