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Our Vision, Mission, Motto and Values

Our School Vision

Our Pupils, Exemplary Citizens of Tomorrow

As exemplary citizens, they embody the traits of Empowered Learners and Empathetic Leaders:

Empowered Learners

Empathetic Leaders

  •  I am a passionate learner who takes ownership for my learning.

  • I am a resilient problem solver who reflects on and learns from my experiences.

  • I am a collaborative team player who creates, shares and builds knowledge with my teachers and peers.

  • I am a gracious person who is polite and considerate in my words and actions.

  • I am a caring person who is kind and compassionate to others.

  • I am proactive citizen who looks out for opportunities to serve others.

Our School Mission

Touching Hearts
We care for our students and lead them to believe in themselves.

Engaging Minds
As lead learners, we inspire our students to think creatively and have inquiring minds.

Nurturing Talents

We seek to uncover our students’ talents and lead them to maximise their potential.

School Core Values
 Commitment to Excellence

 Willingness to Lead and Serve

School Motto

The school instills in the students the commitment to be of service to the school, community and nation. It enforces the spirit of giving rather than receiving or taking from others.

School Strategic Thrusts