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Release of the 2015 PSLE Results: Congratulations, Class of 2015!

The Class of 2015 has done the school proud by achieving all-round excellence! Many of our pupils have not only achieved academic excellence, but more importantly, have upheld our school values and are truly exemplary role-models. We want to thank our staff for their unstinting efforts and belief in guiding our pupils with great dedication and commitment through their six years of education in MFPS and our parents for their strong support and partnership in the educational journey of our pupils. 

2015 Top Pupils.JPG

MFPS Top PSLE Pupils 

Areas of Service 
Jolie Loh 
Vice-Head Prefect, String Ensemble 
Jonas Lee Yew Hwa 
Prefect, Boys’ Brigade 
Leong Yu Heng 
Art Club 
Lui Ting Mun, Sharlyn 
Chinese Dance 
Vanessa Sim Li Ling 
Gunnion Joshua Gabriel 
Head Prefect, String Ensemble 
Salao Ryan Andrew Aguilar 
Model Pupil Awardee 
Ijaz Ahamed s/o Habib Mohammed 
Sports Club 
Wang Yiqin 
Subject Captain for Chinese Language 
Lam Hui Ting 
Art Club 
Mohamad Mikhail Bin Herman 
Represented school in the A Div National Track & Field and Interschool Soccer Tournament 
Lim Mei Shan, Irene 
Exemplary Pupil Awardee 
Jonathan s/o Vincent 
Represented school in Interschool Soccer Tournament, Good Progress Awardee  

Thoughts from Top PSLE Graduands:

How has the school helped you to achieve your success?
Our teachers never gave up on us when we made mistakes. They would go the extra mile to develop us holistically and academically. They also used various methods in their lessons to help us learn well 
Leong Yu Heng (6A) 

The school has provided me many opportunities to showcase my talents and strengths through competitions and performances. My teachers supported and guided me through my six years of primary school. They never gave up and helped me give my best in everything I do. 
Gunnion Joshua Gabriel (6A) 

Do you have any advice to give your juniors? 
Study hard and respect everyone. 
Lam Hui Ting (6E) 

Study, play and give your best in everything you do. 
Ijaz Ahamed (6A) 

What are some of the fondest memories you have of Mayflower Primary School? 
I only started cherishing the time I spent in MFPS when I was about to leave the school. Every single second of my time here has been an unforgettable experience. 
Wang Yiqin (6A) 

It was the P4 leadership camp because it was my first time going overseas without my parents. I learnt to be independent. 
Jonas Lee Yew Hui (6A)