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Staff Achievements

Caring Teacher Award 2016

  • Mr Imran Bin Mahmud Hussin
  • Mdm Chen Yit Kai
  • Ms Suriana Binte Suhaini
  • Mdm Zhang Fang Fang
  • Mrs Goh Annie

MOE Excellent Service Award (EXSA, 2014)

Silver Award:

  • Ms Nur Liyana Firdaus
  • Mr Patrick Mariadass
  • Mdm Georgina You Sin Chiat

 Star Award:

  • Mr Azman Bin Sulaimi
  • Mdm Tai Yok Moy

National Day Honours - Efficiency Medal (2013)

  • Mdm Sivakami Sellakumaran

 Singapore-Wuhan Exchange Programme 2013

Ms Foo Tuay Chin was selected for the Singapore-Wuhan Exchange Programme where she was attached to schools in Wuhan for about 4.5 months from February till June 2013.  

Academy Awards for Professional Development 2012

Mrs Foo Xiaojing (SH/Aesthetics) Academy Awards for Professional Development 2012 (Associate Award) conferred by the Academy of Singapore Teachers in recognition of her contribution to the professional development of teachers in the fraternity.

MOE Excellent Service Award (EXSA, 2012)

Gold Award:
  • Azman Bin Sulaimi
  • Mdm Loo Seok Kheng

Silver Award:
  • Mdm Tai Yok Moy
  • Mrs Florence Ruth Loo
  • Ms Cheong Sau Peng 

Caring Teacher Award 2011

Started in 1996, the Caring Teacher Award is organised by the National Institute of Education, Singapore in partnership with ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and with support from the Ministry of Education. 

The Caring Teacher Award aims to pay tribute to teachers who show care and concern for the holistic development of their pupils. These teachers also go to the extra mile to ensure their charges grow up to be confident and independent learners. The winners of our school were nominated by pupils and parents. Congratulations to the following Caring Teacher awardees


National Day Long Service Medal (Pingat Bakti Setia) 2011

The award was presented to Ms Noor Dinah Bte Mohd Amin by Ms Sim Ann, Senior Parliamentary Secretary (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Law), in recognition of her irreproachable character and for her 25 years of dedicated service.

National Day Award Commendation Medal (Pingat Kepujian) 2011 and  Best Suggestion of the Year Award 2011 

Our Vice-Principal, Mr See Kok Kiong, was awarded the National Day Commendation Medal (Pingat Kepujian) 2011 for his commendable performance and conduct as well as his significant efficiency, competence and devotion to duty. Mr See also won The Best Suggestion of the Year Award 2011 amongst other entries from the North Zone Cluster schools. This award recognises staff for their spirit of continuous improvement in the workplace and for ground-up innovation efforts in schools and MOE headquarters.

MOE Excellent Service Award (EXSA, 2011)  

MOE Excellent Service Award (EXSA, 2011)
Our staff who were awarded the 2011 MOE Excellent Service Award (EXSA).
(From left to right)
Mdm Fawziati Bte Darmin (EXSA Gold), Mr Azman Bin Sulaimi (EXSA Silver), Mdm Loo Seok Kheng (EXSA Silver).

Chief Scout's Commendation Award for Volunteer Adult Leader 2010

Ms Hazlina Mohamed Maideen
Ms Hazlina Mohamed Maideen was awarded the Chief Scout's Commendation Award for Volunteer Adult Leaders who have given commendable services to the Scout Movement.

Red Cross Bronze Medal (2010)

Ms Jane Mah
Ms Jane Mah received the Red Cross Bronze Medal for 5 years of service as teacher officer in Singapore Red Cross.

Sony Creative Science Awards (2010)

Norizam.jpg Teo Swee Huang.jpg
Mr Norizam was given the Diamond Award while Ms Teo Swee Huang received the Blue Ribbon Award. The awards were given to our teachers for being wonderful teacher mentors who have gone the extra mile in inspiring creativity in their students.

MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA, 2009) 

fawziati.jpg Mdm Fawziati Bte Darmin
(A recipient of the prestigious award.)

The award is a MOE-wide Award which encourages MOE staff to continuously deliver service excellence by handling internal and external customers with Courtesy, Accessibility, Responsiveness and Effectiveness (CARE) and inspire their colleagues to do likewise.

Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award (全国华文模范教师奖, 2009)

Ms Lam.jpg Ms Lam Puei San Catherine
(A recipient of the prestigious award.)

Inspiring Teacher of English Award (2008)

nordiana.jpg Mdm Nordiana Bte Sani
(A recipient of the prestigious award.)

Nordiana Sani, a recipient of the inaugural Inspiring Teacher of English Award, heads the Development through Drama (DTD) programme for the Primary 1 and 2 levels in Mayflower Primary School. This is the first national award that acknowledges teachers who have been instrumental in igniting a love for the English language and are effective in helping their students speak and write better. Of the 163 inspiring teachers nominated, Nordiana was one of the 9 recipients to be selected for the award, after going 2 rigorous rounds of selections and an interview.
Through the successful DTD programme, she provides her students access to a creative and engaging mode of learning English. She inspires her students by using stories and drama to improve their communication skills as well as interpersonal skills through role-play and interaction with each other. For her ability and determination to inspire her students in their acquisition of English, Nordiana is awarded the Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2008.

National Day Honours - Efficiency Medal (2008)

thilagamani.jpg Mdm Thilagamani d/o T Sivanandam
Subject Head Malay Language/Tamil Language
(A recipient of the prestigious award.)

Outstanding Youth in Education Award (2008) 

luke.jpg Mr Luke Melvin Cher Teck Yiang,
Subject Head / Art and Aesthetics
(A recipient of the prestigious award.)
Luke Melvin Cher Teck Yiang, one of the three recipents of the prestigious award, is Subject Head/Art and Aesthetics in Mayflower Primary School. Having a deep concern for foundation students, Melvin goes the extra mile to build and develop their self esteem.To engage students in their learning, Melvin conceptualised Project Carlos Santana where every student was given the opportunity to learn to play the guitar.He believes that every student is gifted with musical talent, and refused to give up on helping them realize that potential. When one of his students found it very difficult to pick up this skill and nearly gave up on music, Melvin presented thestudent an alternative – learning a percussion instrument. By allowing his students to work at their own pace and giving them ample opportunities toexplore their hidden potential, the student who almost gave up on music soon found himself performing to parents and members of the public. Melvin’s project did not merely develop his students’ musical talents, but also raised their self esteem.His endless efforts have seen students being more engaged, open and curious in their learning. This is testimony to Melvin’s belief that the discipline, values and social dynamics instilled through music and the aesthetics cascade into and beyond the academic area.Melvin’s passion in bringing music and the aesthetics to the students was evidentin his school musical he organised last year. This musical was even given special mention in Prime Minister's National Day 2007 Rally speech.For his innovative and passionate drive in developing students through musicand aesthetics education, Luke Melvin Cher is conferred the Outstanding Youth in Education Award 2008.

President Award for Teacher (2007) 

Jessie.jpg Mdm Yip Jee Cheng,
Jessie Senior Teacher
(A recipient of the prestigious award.)

Mdm Yip Jee Cheng is the Level Head for Primary 6 in Mayflower Primary School. Her colleagues and pupils admire and respect her for her firm belief in the holistic education of her pupils which is evident in the manner she nurtures the development of each pupil. Conducting in-class dialogue sessions was one of the strategies she used to develop her Primary 6 pupils. Her pupils expressed that their level of confidence and academic performance improved because of her advice during these engaging sessions. She has also provided opportunities for her pupils to be creative and entrepreneurial. Publications like the “6J Gazette” and a fund-raising activity “Funtasia”, are platforms created by her for pupils to hone their leadership and innovation skills. 

Mdm Yip is highly regarded by both her current pupils as well as those whom she taught in the past. They identify her as a teacher who teaches the lessons of life with strong emphasis on values. Pupils attribute their ability to rise up to challenges to the values they have learnt from Mdm Yip. Pupils’ parents and her colleagues are equally impressed by her commitment and love for children and seek her advice and inputs for the development of their children. 

Mdm Yip believes in continual learning. Other than attending professional development courses and sharing her learning with others, she led a team of teachers to do an Action Research Project on “The use of problem posing strategy to enhance the application of mathematical concepts in problemsolving”. This initiative significantly impacted pupils’ understanding and application of mathematical concepts and resulted in marked improvement in their performance in Mathematics.

Mdm Yip’s belief that teaching should not be confined to the classroom and textbooks has been the catalyst in moulding her into an extraordinary teacher, who truly makes every day a new day for her pupils.