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School Achievements


The vision and mission of Mayflower Primary School reflect its commitment to developing the whole child through quality holistic education that prepares pupils for the 21st century. The school’s core values of Integrity, Respect, Resilience, Commitment to Excellence and Willingness to Lead and Serve drive its culture of care which is anchored on quality relationships and excellence.

To achieve its vision and mission, the school’s key directions and focus are guided by five strategic thrusts, namely Academic Excellence, Sports Excellence, Aesthetics Excellence, Excellence in Character and Staff Competency and Well-Being.

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Learning and Teaching

‘Engaged Learners, Future Ready’ is the outcome which drives teaching and learning in MFPS. Based on the Organizational Architecture and Deep Learning Cycle tool, the MFPS Curriculum Framework frames the planning and delivery of content, pedagogy and assessment towards quality teaching and learning, taking cognizance of the important role of the teacher.  Anchored on the belief that pupils have different strengths and interests and learn best when engaged through pupil-centred approaches, three learner-centred pedagogical approaches are adopted - Making Thinking Visible (MTV), Learning By Doing (LBD) and Differentiated Instruction (DI).

Through the adapted POLYA Read-Think-Plan-Do-Check and subject-specific thinking routines, MTV fosters good thinking habits and promotes learner voice in the real and virtual classrooms. In articulating thoughts, questions and ideas, pupils’ critical and inventive thinking and communication skills are developed.

Deep learning takes place when learning is relevant, authentic and engaging.  LBD facilitates experiential learning from which learners reflect, question and arrive at enduring levels of understanding. Inquiry-Based Learning in Science, Project Work, Development Through Drama and Teaching Through the Arts Programme are LBD platforms that promote learner participation and fuel interest in learning.

The curriculum and co-curriculum are customised to meet pupils’ diverse learning needs. Differentiation through content, process, product and environment, aided by the Unit Modification Planner tool, maximises pupils’ learning potential.  School-designed programmes based on the Découvrez approach such as Project Galaxy, in collaboration with MFPS alumni, deepen pupils’ knowledge and skills.  Support programmes to help every pupil succeed strengthen foundation in learning and build self-esteem and confidence.

Staff Competency and Well-Being

The design and delivery of iGROW in the Mayflower Staff Resource Plan (SRP), underpinned by Daniel Kim’s Core Theory of Success, advocates building quality relationships towards achieving quality outcomes. In alignment with the SRP guiding principle, ‘Every Staff Matters’, staff resource planning takes the holistic approach of:

  • Fostering staff participation in Innovation and Improvement 
    The R2C Innovation Framework and Levels of Innovation parameters promote individual and collective participation in innovation and ensure continuous deepening of innovation efforts towards positive pupil outcomes. The school’s culture of care, where quality relationships are built on trust and respect, empowers staff to actively contribute innovative and improvement ideas. 

  • Growing quality staff by providing Opportunities for learning and development and Optimising recruitment and staff deployment 
    Talent Development, Leadership Development and Staff Learning and Development are key strategies to grow quality staff. Staff-led professional development is fostered through platforms such as Structured Time-tabled Time (STT), Learning Festival and Mentoring programmes. 

  • Providing platforms for Recognition for performance 
    Staff recognition is promoted through internal and external platforms. Say It From Your Heart encourages staff to pen affirmation notes to colleagues who exemplify school values while Teachers’ Day Teachers’ and Pupils’ Choice Awards allow staff and pupils to recognise deserving teachers for different areas of strengths. 

  • Promoting Well-being and Work-life Harmony 
    The Staff Well-Being and Holistic Health Planning Teams plan staff-suggested activities that promote physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being. The Angels and Mortals initiative allows staff to surprise colleagues regularly with gestures of care. School-based policies provide clarity in workload allocation for different staff segments, taking into account strengths and preferences.

Future Challenges

MFPS leverages cluster, zone, national and international platforms to share best practices and programmes. The school has presented aspects of its MTV and LBD approaches and use of Lesson Study tool at the World Association of Lesson Study Conferences. Its effort in stretching pupils through the Découvrez approach was featured in NIE’s Singteach publication. MFPS practices of learning in and through the arts have been shared at SOTA Arts in Education Forum, Singapore Drama Educators Association Theatre Arts Conference and Asia-Pacific Symposium on Music Education Research Regional Conference.  As a school with niche in Dance, MFPS organises dAnCE Steps dance camp to promote Dance amongst primary schools.

With its diverse pupil profile, MFPS always seeks to improve its capacity to meet the needs of its pupil segments. Strategic partnerships are forged to expand programme and resource provisions across domains. Key partners include Seagate Technology for Science and environment programmes, TOUCH Community Services, Mendaki and SINDA for learning support programmes and National Arts Council and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music for arts programmes. 

The School Distinction Award (SDA) recognises the high level of achievement in schools with exemplary processes and practices. Schools that achieve the SDA have put in place well-defined processes that lead to sustained achievement in student outcomes.