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Character and Citizenship Education

Learning Outcomes

We believe that every child can be empowered to learn, serve and succeed in a caring and inclusive culture.

Our students will be:
engaged learners who are motivated, self-directed and anchored in purpose and values; and
concerned citizens who have a strong sense of belonging and school pride to lead and serve school and community.

Our curriculum and programme development is guided by our Level Outcomes. By the end of their 6-year education in Mayflower Primary School, students would have inculcated sound moral values, emotional competencies and positive learning dispositions that will guide them towards becoming Empowered Learners and Empathetic Leaders.

Level Outcomes Domains
Pr 1 Positive & Confident Individual Students who are responsible for their own well-being.
Pr 2 Respectful & Caring Individual Students who are appreciative and empathise with others (peers & family).
Pr 3 Resilient Individual Students who show determination to face challenges and changes for the benefit of self and others.
Pr 4 Morally Upright Individual Students who contribute to the well-being of others by making morally upright decisions.
Community (Neighbourhood)
Pr 5 Concerned Individual Students who take initiative to improve the well-being of others. Nation (beyond community)
Pr 6 Active Individual Students who are aware of global issues and are responsive to national issues.

Teaching Approaches

In Mayflower Primary, we use the ExCITE approach to guide our CCE programme. This approach is anchored on the school mission, vision, values, motto and Traits of an MFPS student (Empowered Learner and Empathetic Leader).

How the ExCITE Approach Looks Like

Explicit teaching of values and traits during ExCitE! Curriculum and across total curriculum

Celebrate Affirmation programmes such as ‘Caught Being Good’ and ‘Model Student Award’ are recognition platforms for students who exemplify School Values, Traits of an MFPS Student and positive Learning Dispositions

Platforms and opportunities given for students to think about what has been taught 

Transform Time for inner dialogue and reflection, when students reflect on how they have been Empowered Learners and Empathetic Leaders, and how they can embody the traits better

Exemplify Application of values and traits in the way the students choose to carry themselves and make responsible decisions

Department Programmes

ExCitE! Curriculum (Form Teacher Guidance Period) 

The Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) serves as a platform for form teachers to build positive relationships with their students. Form teachers enact the ExCitE! (Exemplary Citizens Every Day) curriculum, which focuses on explicit teaching of values, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, and Learning Dispositions. 

Termly themes based on the Traits of MFPS Students guide the focus of our ExCitE! curriculum. 




Passionate Learners, Gracious Leaders


Resilient Learners, Caring Leaders


Collaborative Learners, Proactive Leaders


Empowered Learners, Empathetic Leaders

Students acquire the skills, knowledge, competencies and values through strategies that help them process their learning rather than being told explicitly by the teachers what is right or wrong. Interesting stories and relevant articles are used to provide students with examples of positive traits in action.

Through activities like role-playing and games, students have the opportunity to observe both positive and negative behaviour from different perspectives. Follow-up discussions allow them to listen to other people’s perspectives and reflect on their own thoughts.

Through their active participation, students learn and internalise these values, skills, knowledge and competencies. The values taught are further reinforced during instructional and non-instructional programmes, co-curricular activities (CCAs) and enrichment activities. Opportunities that arise incidentally are also used to teach or reinforce the learning of these competencies and values in students.

Assembly Programme

Assembly programmes are an additional platform where our students are engaged in values and National Education talks and activities. These programmes are carried out by the school leaders, teachers and students, who share stories and articles on the Traits of MFPS, our School Core values and National Education messages. The presenters use varied innovative strategies and resources to make their sharing more interesting and interactive for the students.

Let’s Bond & Have a Break with Me! Programme (One-to-One Teacher-Student Interaction Time)

In MFPS, we strongly believe that quality teacher-student relationships in a classroom make the students feel important and valued. This will lead to quality thinking and teaching, and eventually to quality results. As form teachers play a central role in shaping the development of students, they have interaction time with students in the mornings from 7.10 am to 7.25 am to identify their needs and nurture their character traits, dispositions and attitudes. This quality conversation enables the teachers to support students in their learning and development. 

"Caught Being Good" Affirmation Programme

Examples of "Caught Being Good" Badges

CCE1.jpgMotivation is the key to learning and good behaviour, especially for children. In Mayflower Primary School, we intentionally catch students demonstrating good behaviour and acknowledge their effort. 

The ‘Caught Being Good’ Affirmation programme rewards good behaviour with stickers. Any student can receive a sticker from any teacher who catches him/her displaying the school values, traits of an Empowered Learner or Empathetic Leader, or good learning dispositions. At the end of the term, the school awards badges to students with the highest number of stickers.

This programme not only encourages students to exhibit positive behaviour consistently but also helps teachers to be more conscious about watching out for positive behaviour in students. We believe that this visual affirmation reinforces good behavior and more importantly, increases students' self-esteem. In time to come, students will comprehend that good behaviour is reward unto itself.

‘Captain Empowered’ and ‘Captain Empathetic’ Awards


The ‘Captain Empowered’ and ‘Captain Empathetic’ termly awards are a recognition given to students who live up to our school vision of “Our Pupils, Exemplary Citizens of Tomorrow”. These students role model the traits of an Empowered Learner or Empathetic Leader, the school values or good learning dispositions by exemplifying observable character traits in their daily practices.

Form teachers will nominate deserving students at the end of each term according to the selection criteria. 

Selected students will receive a certificate as an acknowledgement of their positive behaviour and a write-up of their character traits with input from their form teachers and peers will be displayed for their schoolmates to read and emulate.