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Traits of MFPS Students

The Traits of MFPS Students represent the collective hopes and aspirations we have of all Mayflower Primary students. They were put together at the end of 2017, after a series of Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) with our teachers, parents, School Advisory Committee members and students to find out the desired outcomes we have of our children. Through these conversations, it was evident that we all want them to be engaged learners who are motivated, self-directed and anchored in purpose and values.

The Traits of MFPS Students delineate the distinctive attributes we want our students to be endowed with. They help us and our students understand and work towards the vision of what it means to be “Exemplary Citizens of Tomorrow”. 

These traits are summarised into 2 main domains of the Empowered Learners and Empathetic Leaders.


The MFPS student will have both the head and the heart to learn, lead and serve. 

We have decided to use the metaphor of a superhero to help our students better understand the Traits of MFPS Students. The superhero depicts someone who has the power to own and determine his learning as well as a big heart to care for others. 

As an empowered learner, he is a strong and confident student who takes charge of his own learning. At MFPS, we capitalise on the foundational years to build on children’s inherent desire to discover about themselves and the world around them. As these young ones find out about their strengths, interests and talents, and how these are related to their schooling experiences, they will unearth compelling reasons and purposes to love school and learning. In this Learn for Life phase of education, it is no longer sufficient for students to be knowledgeable. They need to be equipped with positive learning dispositions and good learning habits that will make them lifelong passionate learners who will thrive in a VUCA world, where change is the only constant.

As our students spend time and energy to become self-directed and strong learners, we also want them to demonstrate empathy and remember to reach out and serve others, as guided by our school motto, “Service Before Self”. As an empathetic leader, he will care for others and seek to positively influence and impact others around him. This is an important trait for our younger generation who are very blessed and generally have no lack for material gains. They need to be reminded to be thankful, grateful and considerate to others, so that they do not take what they have for granted and at the same time build a more compassionate community through their kind acts and contributions to others