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Arts Education Framework

Acute to the difference between skill-based art making and Arts as a discipline, we inculcate habits of mind, character and values through our pervasive and rigorous Arts curriculum. Our pupils leave MFPS as prolific thinkers and dynamic movers of the 21st century through Arts Education.
As a department, we are guided by our Strategic Thrust, Vision and Mission.  These are as follow:

Strategic Thrust



Every Pupil, An Artist 


Inspire artistic Aspirations , Cultivate artistic appreciation and talents, Express artistic flair

Arts Education Approach - ACE Image

Central to the implementation of the policy is our ACE@Mayflower (Aspiration, Cultivation and Expression) approach to Arts Education which guides the design and delivery of our school’s Arts curriculum and co-curriculum. 
The ACE@Mayflower approach aims to develop our pupils by inspiring them to Aspire towards Arts excellence by exposing them to exemplary Arts performances and exhibitions, Cultivate pupils’ talents, appreciation and love for the Arts through our Arts Instructional Programme, Arts CCAs and a wide variety of Arts enrichments and electives and finally providing them with platforms to Express themselves in and through the Arts in the 6 years that they spend in the school.