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Character & Citizenship Education

Learning Outcomes

Our pupils are:-(i) of sound character and imbibed with the right values.(ii) concerned and active citizens who love and appreciate Singapore and lead and serve the school and community.

Teaching Approaches

CCE Framework

The design of the Character Development Framework ‘The Mayflower Ship’, which encapsulates character development in MFPS serves to consolidate the processes, systems and structures of our CCE Programme. The customized approach, termed at ExCITE, acts as a platform to formulate all our programmes. Exposing pupils to the skills, knowledge, values and competencies, creating opportunities for them to Internalize and Transform, Exemplify the values, knoweldge and skills taught and Celebrating their success through awards and recognition.Character Development, Pupil Leadership, Values In Action (VIA) and National Education (NE) are the key areas leveraged for Character and Citizenship Education.