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Learning Outcomes

To provide a rich language environment so as to equip our pupils with a strong foundation of the literacy skills that will enable them to be linguistically competent and confident users of the English Language.

Teaching Approaches

EL teachers teach our pupils the critical life skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English through effective and engaging strategies that are developmentally appropriate. English language is taught using systematic and explicit instructions to build strong foundation in language skills, grammar and vocabulary and a contextualised and holistic approach to learning that will provide a rich language environment for developing language skills. Platforms to focus on oral communication (listening and speaking skills) using show-and-tell, debates, development through drama, and oral presentations for all level.

Department Programmes

The department has prepared a 6-yr development programme to enrich as well as to support our students in their acquisition of English Language.

Development Through Drama (DTD) Programme
P1 & 2
Learning Journey 
Zoo & Park
Zoo & Supermarket
Watching A performance  

Place-Based Learning @ Singapore Art Museum
Subscription to the Little Red Dot (All Standard Classes)
P5 & P6
Debate/Public Speaking Enrichment Programme P5 & P6 

P2 STELLAR Pre-Writing Activity Place-Based Learning
Learning Journey to AMK Public Library Learning Journey to AMK Public Library
Enrichment Programme P3 pupils treated to a theatrical performance

Enrichment Programme - P3 Young Storytellers showcasing their talents   

Learning Support

To provide appropriate support/intervention that enables students to meet their individual needs in order for them to access and respond to curriculum as successfully as possible.

Support Programme
Learning Support Programme - LSP (Selected)
P1 & P2
Reading Remediation Programme - RRP (Selected)
P3 & P4
School-based Dyslexic Remediation - SDR (Selected)
P3 & P4
Remediation (Selected)
P3 & P4
EL Support (Selected) P5 & P6 

Supporting your Child in Learning

Story Read Aloud

Grammar Bank

Online Vocabulary Quiz

Games to Learning English 

Summary of Websites for English Games

Online Dictionary