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Malay Language

Learning Outcomes

To equip our pupils with literacy skills enabling them to be linguistically competent and confident users of the Malay Language, to think critically and creatively and to identify, explore and understand the cultures and values of the Malay culture and language. 

Teaching Approaches

Designing Malay language lessons and use of effective learner centred pedagogies to enhance ML learning and engaging pupils, to support the development of four main skills: listening, reading, viewing, speaking and writing. Teachers and pupils embark in various teaching and assessment strategies through ICT, Differentiated Instruction, Making Thinking Visible, Assessment for Learning and the 5W1H. This is to deepen their learning experience. Great emphasis is also made to ensure that pupils are well trained in utilizing the POLYA thinking routine in problem solving.

To create an environment conducive for the learning of Mother Tongue (MT), MT department organizes an annual two-week programme to encourage our pupils to use and deepen their knowledge in Malay Language and Culture. The objective of MTL Fortnight is to create an ignition and depth to pupils’ interest to use MTL. Many interesting, wide-ranged outside-class MTL activities are provided to enable pupils to learn and use MTL in an exciting way. 

Department Programmes

Keeping the objective of stimulating and sustaining our pupils’ interest in learning Malay in mind, the Malay Language Department has also put in place a range of differentiated enrichment activities designed to expose our pupils culturally while promoting opportunities for meaningful interaction and collaboration amongst each individual. 

malay literary competition
Our line up of programmes include:
Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities: 

- Appreciation of Traditional Games 
- Appreciation of Angklung 
- Appreciation of Wayang Kulit 

P1 and 2
P5 and P6 
Malay Language Cultural Camp
iMTL Portal       P3-P6
Supplementary Programme         
P5 & P6

Talent Development

Pupils are given the platform to showcase their potential to their fullest. Pupils become representatives and send as competitors and representatives in school competitions and various prominent inter-school competitions to widen their exposure to the Malay Language. 

Literary Competition: 
P1: Poetry Recitation 
P2: Impersonation of Book Characters 
P3: Story Telling (On Animals) 
P4: Story Telling (Folk Tales) 
P5: Poem (Sajak/Syair) 
P6: Scrabble 
Selected P1 to P6

Supporting Your Child in Learning

MC ONLINE - https://mconline.sg
A platform which promotes self-directed and collaborative learning amongst students through allowing students to complete home-based assignments, share journals, tell stories and exchange views on topics of interest etc.

iMTL Portal - https://imtl.sg An online multi-media learning portal that aims to enhance students’ ability to communicate effectively through both oral and written forms through authentic language tasks, and which also encourages self-directed learning.