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Primary 1 Enrichment Programmes





(during school hours)


Leadership Training

Pupils will be equipped with the relevant and essential key leadership knowledge, skills and values which will enable them to discover oneself to be a Positive Leader.



Learning Journey (LJ) to Hay Dairies

The LJ to the goat farm will provide pupils with authentic learning experiences besides learning from the text about farm and farm animals. This LJ is the trigger activity to the writing and representation activities.




Learning Journey to Ang Mo Kio Town West Garden

The LJ to the garden is an extension to the units covered in the English STELLAR programme. It allows pupils to take their learning beyond the classroom and provides pupils with an authentic learning experience. They get together in a picnic setting and are involved in an interactive and fun-filled activity.



MTL Fortnight Activities:
Candy Making (Bingtang Hulu) for pupils taking Chinese Language

Bingtang Hulu, also known as tanghulu, is a traditional Chinese snack of candied fruit. In this enrichment, pupils will learn origins of Bingtang Hulu and the different types of Bingtang Hulu. Pupils will also have a hands-on session to make their own Bingtang Hulu.



MTL Fortnight Activities:
Malay Traditional Games for pupils taking Malay Language

Pupils will learn about the Malay traditional games such as kelereng, tapak kuda, batu seremban and sepaktakraw. They will also learn about the history of these games. This activity is an opportunity for the pupils to relive the kampong era.



MTL Fortnight Activities:
Indian Traditional Food for pupils taking Tamil Language

Pupils will learn about traditional Indian food and how a traditional meal should be served on a banana leaf. This activity provides the opportunity for pupils to know the health benefits as well as the cultural aspects  of food which is being served on a banana leaf.

3/4/17 to 9/4/17

All programmes are subsidised by school.