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Overseas Immersion Programmes


In line with our school vision, Our Pupils, Exemplary Citizen of Tomorrow, MFPS is committed to nurturing and developing our pupils as active and concerned citizens who are rooted to Singapore, have a strong sense of civic responsibility and are well-informed about Singapore and the world. In the globalised world of the 21st century, there is an increasing need for Singaporeans to possess a global outlook and operate within multi-national settings while always remaining deeply committed to our country.  The MFPS Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP) is designed to develop key 21st century competencies and skills such as civic literacy, global awareness and cross cultural skills and sensitivities in our pupils that will contribute towards preparing them to thrive in the age of globalisation. The OIP will contribute to sensitizing our pupils to the place of Singapore in relation to its global context. Through this powerful learning experience, they will be greater informed about national issues and increase their sense of belonging to Singapore. 

Programme Highlights

The MFPS OIP provides meaningful overseas learning journeys with a focus on Asia. These learning journeys include opportunities for interaction between our pupils and their overseas counterparts through visits to schools in Asia. Our pupils will have the opportunity to engage in a rich exchange of ideas with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds.
As part of progressive MFPS six-year Community Involvement Programme, the OIP will give opportunities for pupils to participate in meaningful community work beyond Singapore so as to promote their sense of responsibility, care and concern to the greater community. Such experiences will also enable the pupils to sharpen their social awareness as he/she would be able to discern different perspectives, recognise and appreciate diversity and empathise and respect others.

As part of MFPS Talent Development Programme, our pupils who have special talents in the Academic, Sports and Aesthetics domains will also be selected to participate in customised OIP that will provide in-depth training and/or competitive opportunities for pupils to benchmark themselves with like-minded peers from around the world.