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Parent Gateway

For Parents who do not have Singpass

You can register for one. Click here to register your Singpass.

Step 1 – SingPass Registration and 2FA Setup

Singpass is required for onboarding to Parents Gateway (PG). If you have not registered for a Singpass or have not set up the 2FA, please visit the Singpass website (https://www.singpass.gov.sg) or scan the QR code below to do so. Should you require further assistance, please call Singpass helpdesk at +65 6335 3533.

More Information & FAQs

1.  Instructions for downloading the mobile app (Annex A)

Click on pdf file link below as it provides instructions for downloading the mobile app available on IOS and Android platforms only and performing a one-time account registration.

2.  User Guides for Parents Gateway Onboarding

3.  How to read Parent Gateway attachment PDF file on mobile

Read PDFs easily on mobile.pdf

4.   For more information