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MFPS Parent Support Group

Mayflower Parent Support Group (PSG) was formed in 2006, consisting of about 32 parent volunteers. Through the years, the PSG has grown in size and to date has membership strength of about 80 parents.

Our MFPS PSG is formed in the hope to encourage a closer network of links between schools, its families and communities, to enhance communication and understanding among school staff, parents and pupils.

As partners, the MFPS PSG supports the school’s vision in developing our pupils to be exemplary citizens and life-long learners. Our PSG collaborate actively in activities that will help create a joyful and caring environment for teaching and learning and to nurture the pupils and inspiring them, making the school more vibrant for our children.

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Click the link here if you wish to join the Parent Support Group (PSG) at Mayflower Primary School.

Parents in Education website: http://parents-in-education.moe.gov.sg/