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Environment Project Competition 2014

Seagate Technology International has been Mayflower Primary School’s partner in the National Environment Agency’s ‘Corporate and School Partnership’ (CASP) Programme. The Environment Project Competition (EPC) is an annual event organised exclusively for schools participating in CASP. This competition encourages partners to co-develop innovative and impactful environmental projects that can benefit the community. 

The aims of the CASP Programme are to: 
  • instil shared environmental ownership between schools and corporate companies, 
  • help raise the awareness of environmental issues, and 
  • promote participation in environmental initiatives and programmes. 

Mayflower Primary School received the Merit Award for its projects submitted in 2013 and 2014. A brief description of both projects is given below. 

3R Booklet – Merit Award in EPC 2013

Most 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) activities that pupils carry out are planned and implemented by teachers. The 3R Booklet project was conceived, to encourage pupils of Mayflower Primary School to be more proactive in promoting awareness of the importance of 3R to their peers, take greater ownership and interest in 3R activities, and internalise the practice of 3R measures. 

In this project, the Primary 5 and Primary 4 Science Captains, together with volunteers from Seagate Technology International, designed a booklet to promote 3R activities. The 3R activities covered in the booklet could be done by pupils at home and in school. This enabled the pupils to spread the 3R message to their family members. 

All pupils in the Primary 3 level became 3R Ambassadors. They actively completed the activities in the 3R booklet and promoted the importance of 3R to their friends and family members. 

3R Catalysts – Merit Award in EPC 2014

Pupils from Mayflower Primary School showcased their project titled ‘3R Catalysts – Creating Change for a Better Future’ at the Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) Schools’ Carnival in November 2014. This project was carried out in collaboration with volunteers from Seagate Technology International, who provided guidance for the Science Captains, Values In Action (VIA) Captains and members of the school’s Eco-Rangers Club, in the creation of the 3R Catalysts website. Seagate Technology International also provided funding to train pupils in website creation and animation. 

The 3R Catalysts Project is currently an ongoing school programme which encourages pupils to practise 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) measures. To sustain this project, pupils with good ideas and practices will be given platforms for sharing their ideas and actions with their peers. As the website is hosted via the pupils’ Learning Management System, the project will be sustained throughout the whole school year without incurring any additional cost. The 3R Catalysts website can be accessed via any computer or mobile device at the URL given below. 

All pupils in Mayflower Primary School will role model the practising of 3R measures in their daily lives and urge their family, friends, relatives and neighbours to make pledges and practise these measures at home, school and at work. 

Examples of 3R measures, as well as videos and photographs that demonstrate actions to help save the environment, will be shown on the website. Pupils and community members will also be encouraged to think of ways to put 3R measures into practice and submit their pledges via the website. 

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