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TOUCH Community Services

TOUCH Young Arrows Club in Mayflower Primary School

TOUCH Young Arrows (TYA) in MFPS is a fully subsidized tuition programme for pupils from low income families. The programme will be held in MFPS in collaboration with TOUCH Community Service on Saturdays from 9.30am – 12pm for the Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils.

Apart from the weekly Saturday programme, TYA also organise family bonding activities and yearly events such as Family Outings, Festive Gatherings, Games Day, Survival Camp, etc. to boost family harmony and build up the children’s self-esteem. The programmes are pre-planned and run mostly by adult and youth volunteers, supervised by TYA staff. Throughout the years, they aim to assist the pupils to improve in their academic results as well as their character/behaviour.

TYA has a group of committed volunteers who believe in the vision of TYA and has great passion for the children. The volunteers comprise of university students and working adults. The volunteers also put in great efforts to organise events such as annual Survival Camp for the children to learn to be independent and help to boost their self-esteem.

TOUCH Young Arrows