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Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

The MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) provides financial assistance to Singaporean students who need financial assistance for their studies. Students who are eligible for the MOE FAS should apply and those currently under this scheme would not be automatically considered unless a fresh application is submitted. 

Applications forms are available from the School's General Office and school website. The closing date for the submission of MOE FAS 2023 application is 31 October 2022. 

From 2023, the income eligibility criteria for the above scheme will be revised as follows:

 Current Income Eligibility Criteria

 Revised Income Eligibility Criteria

 MOE FAS (From 1 Jan 2023) GHI ≤ $2,750 or PCI ≤ $690 GHI ≤ $3,000 or PCI ≤ $750

MOE has rolled out e-FAS for the 2023 MOE FAS application. Parents have the option to submit either a hardcopy or softcopy FAS application.  

The new e-FAS link /QR code is attached below:   



Click link below to download: 

MOE FAS Pamphlet EL for Schools

MOE FAS Application Form Oct 2022

For further enquiries, please contact Mrs Goh Ling Ling or Mdm Maggie Choong at 64520849Thank you.

NEU PC Plus Program (NPP)


NPP aims to provide low-income households with students and Persons-with-Disabilities (PWD) with the opportunity to own a subsidised PC Bundle (i.e. computer with 3 years free broadband), to support their learning needs.

For full details, please click here.

1. Click herefor application form if your child is a MOE-FAS/SPED-FAS student. 

2.  Click herefor application form if your child is not a MOE-FAS/SPED-FAS student.

3.  To apply for Home Access Programme, please refer to Home Access v3.0 Brochure (WEF Oct 2021) or click www.digitalaccess.gov.sg for more details.

You may also obtain the application forms from the General Office. Please submit all completed application forms to the General Office.