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Learning for Life Programme @ MFPS


LLP@MFPS: Development of Character, Values, Citizenship and 21CC through the Arts is a customised programme to enable students to develop and deepen the acquisition of knowledge, skills, learning dispositions and values through Visual Arts and Drama.

At MFPS, we believe the Arts positively mould and impact the development of students’ Character, Citizenship and 21st Century Competencies to be passionate, lifelong learners. It encourages students to communicate ideas, explore perspectives, express with confidence, work in teams and develop creativity. We want the Arts to be accessible to all students and provide them with enriched learning experiences, anchored on our arts education philosophy that every student can learn and express themselves through the Arts

LLP@MFPS offers a range of age-appropriate developmental opportunities for all students from at least two levels in Visual Arts and Drama.


The vision for Arts Education in MFPS is that every student has the opportunity
To learn through the arts, namely Visual Arts and Drama 
To discover and develop their interests, strengths and talents 
To develop character and values

LLP - Drama

Drama – PAL Development through Drama is a programme that uses Drama in Education as an alternative pedagogy in providing access to a contextualized, creative and engaging mode of learning and acquiring the English Language through a Process Drama approach. This programme enables all Primary 1 and 2 students to gain exposure to Drama skills for one term with the objective of developing confident students with positive social and interaction skills. Through this programme, students will also develop listening, reading and communication skills through their exposure to drama skills where opportunities are created for students to “Make”, “Present” and “Respond”.  

The school also partners SOTA to provide MFPS students with opportunities for authentic learning of Drama skills to further develop interested and talented students in this art form. Through this partnership, SOTA will also look out for potential students to articulate into the institution via SOTA’s Junior Academy Programme.
Warm up session using the Actor’s Tool Box to help students focus on their learning in Drama.

Students acting out a scene in a story using the freeze frame in one of the process drama approaches.

LLP - Visual Arts

Visual Arts -The overall approach to engage our students in Visual Arts is through Museum-Based Learning (MBL). MBL is a pedagogical approach that uses places and their resources as a foundation for learning across subject disciplines. MBL connects learning to places and communities in and beyond school, in authentic and meaningful ways.

Below is an overview of the various programmes using the MBL approach for the following levels:




Primary 2

Museum-based Learning @ Mobile Museums – The World of Shadow Puppets  Performance and Artefacts Exhibition – School-based

Primary 3

Museum-based Learning @ Singapore Philatelic Museum – Draw My Stamp Story Art Competition   Museum Tour and Workshops - Onsite

Primary 4

Place-based Learning @ Singapore Art Museum

Museum Tour - Onsite

Primary 6

Singapore Art Museum

Think! Contemporary Art Exhibition - Onsite

Taking a trip down the “Singapore River” to experience 3D-artworks of famous icons
and landmarks fashioned in unusual materials

An art ambassador guides an audience on how to interact with this art installation piece
that features items used by our forefathers

Our confident budding artist cum art ambassador explaining the concept to an audience behind the Watashiwa Hachibitto
(I am 8-bit) character design for avatars, which represent themselves, for a futuristic online game set in the 22nd Century.

A captivated audience member listening to an interview and observing the portrait of a student artist’s grandmother. 
This exhibit presented pieces of personal stories revolving around the major milestones and events in Singapore's history.

An art installation piece that advocates environmental awareness to the audience.

Material Selection (aluminum wires): Chosen for its flexibility, students are reminded to understand that
Resilience is important in accomplishing/achieving a common goal.

The project was to design a shoe that allows students to explore and discover their aspiration(s), develop
their research and writing skills and art-making process.

The series of drawings from the cohort were collated and selected. The selected pieces were curated in a way that enables different perspectives to be linked into a visual narrative.